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We're highly selective about our advertisers.  Your product or service will be displayed to thousands of people in need who visit this site looking for help.  If your product or service offers real help it is welcome here.  How2SaveFuel.com is gaining ground as a definitive resource for recession assistance.  Each advertisement, link or resource listed enhances this website. 

When placing your ad or listing, please keep this in mind.  We particularly appreciate ads and listings which feature special offers, large discounts or something that will truly help people in these hard times.  We've also tried to keep ad rates low so more can participate, and so we can connect our site visitors with you. 

Download 2009 Ad Rates
Payment can be made by the secure Pay Pal links included here or by mailing a check to us at:


Checks should be made payable to:

How 2 Save Fuel LLC

Credit terms are available for purchases over $5000. OAC with a minimum deposit of 25% of ad contract

Display Ad Specs:  Ads may be in JPEG, GIF, or flash formats.  72 dpi. Ads may link directly to your website. Contact us directly to add any special functionality. 

Artwork: Follow the ad spec sizes listed for the display ad you want, Email Here (production@how2savefuel.com) and attach your file.

Be Sure To Let Us Know In Your Email:  What page you want the ad to appear on, and when it should run and whether it appears as a rectangle on the left or a box on the right.  If your banner ad is not immediately available, your placement will start as soon as the previous ad reservation ends. Also be sure to include your contact information and phone number.


Classified Ads are available on our new classifieds page.  These simple ads may advertise any product or service, for sale item, trade, barter etc...   Please keep them in line with the purpose of this website- no illegal or questionable activities please.  Your classified is limited to our text formatting typestyle and size but you may include bold, italic and underlining. Your ad will be limited to a total of 4 lines (the size of the text box we allow).  Make sure to double check it before you send it as all sales are final and we will not do any editing.  Please remember to include your contact information in your ad so people can respond to you.  We are keeping our classified rates intentionally low while we are in the first stage of launching this site.

1) Compile your ad and send it-
2) Complete the appropriate PayPal transaction for the length of time you want.**If you'd like to have a picture included, send it in .jpeg or .gif format to the email link below as a separate email and mention your classified

3) Watch for your ad to be posted

If you'd like to remove your ad for any reason Email Us Here

Top of Form

City, State

CLASSIFIED AD TEXT - 4 lines 20 spaces long

Your Email

Bottom of Form

We have researched many organizations and links that have been included at Planet Green Earth.  An ‘enhanced listing’ automatically goes to the top of each category column by state and city, arranged alphabetically as we receive them.  In most cases national site visitors will want to be able to go directly to their own state to find what they are looking for.  Title will link directly to your website. Onetime fee makes this a permanent listing.
La Jolla, California.
LK Consulting Inc

Open M-F from 10:00am to 5:00pm.  Counseling services, relocation help, state assistance program facilitation, homeless shelter, child care program. 3333 State Street.  617-990-8534.

1) Complete Form and Send It
2) Execute Your Pay Pal One Time Processing Fee
3) Watch for your listing to appear

If you wish your listing removed at any time Email Us Here

Top of Form



Name of Your Organization

Description of Your Services: WHO you help, HOW you help

Link To Your Home Page (http://www. etc)

Email Address (for us)

Phone Number (optional)

() -

Page and Category where you want this listing to appear (Example: Living Homeless - Shelters)

Bottom of Form

Top of Form



Enhance Your Listing One Time/Lifetime Processing Fee


Bottom of Form

Money Saving Products or Services:   This is a custom-built product description that appears in the left column nearest to the appropriate sub-category and includes:
Product image. 
200 words of copy. 
Specific Discount or Savings Highlighted
Link To Website or fulfillment mechanism (e-commerce etc)
Link to store coupon posted at our site (if you have one) or other location
Link to Product and Services Link List (on same page)
You will need to email us the ad copy, link(s), and .gif or .jpeg image.  When this category gets too full, we will migrate each featured product or service to its own page- linked from the master Money Saving Products or Services page.
Available in 3 month, 6 month, or one year time periods.  Contact Us (advertise@how2savefuel.com
) (LINK) for price quote.

Videos.  If you wish to include a video of no longer than 2 minutes, we will place it as close as possible to the appropriate category.  Although we enjoy rich media we limit the number of videos on each page.  Please make sure yours is high quality with clear sound, no unwanted code imbedding or other foolishness.  We enjoy those that stress informational benefit.  Approx.  ‘You tube’ size specs are OK.  Email us the html code.
Videos placement is available from one month to one year. Contact Us
(LINK) For Quote.

Link To Us

Please feel free to link to our site and place our logo on your page.  Our ‘brand’ is becoming increasingly recognized as the premier green (alternative energy) resource site.  http://www.how2savefuel.com (LINK)



Article Submissions, Blogs etc...  Ask us about including your Blog if it is overtly commercial.  In the case that it does provide a real benefit we may discuss its inclusion under a sponsored arrangement.  On occasion we might also consider ‘Advertorials’ all on a case-by-case basis.


Founders Sponsorship Package

 As we begin this endeavor site traffic will increase.  Founding sponsors are compensated for their faith and enabling of our efforts at the early release stage of the How2savefuel/Planet Green Earth Expo (LINK) web portal.
Premium exposure includes Silver and Gold Levels of participation.
Gold Sponsorship
Includes For ONE YEAR:
2 Top Of Page Banner Ads (on selected available pages)
6 Left rectangle or right box ads (on selected pages as requested)
3 Featured Product or Service Ads (may be interchanged over time period)
3 Classified Display Ad Blocks
5 Featured Product Listings (with color & logo art)
3 Coupon Listings
2 Videos
Blog Inclusion
Silver Sponsorship
Includes the same items for SIX MONTHS.
*Additional customization with some flexibility is available for Founding sponsors.
Contact us directly for more information:


Advertise@how2savefuel.com (LINK)






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