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About Us
Connecting To America's Green Resources

The Project Green Earth  Project

Many are tired of the futility of waiting for help to come from government.  Most of us are beginning to realize that tax dollars going to Federal and State programs and industry bail-outs that will have little effect on the economic stresses of our everyday lives and global warming.

Planet Green Earth  is a National Green Resources Web Portal designed to connect Americans with the help and support that is out there- to connect with those who have answers, assistance and aid for the growing list of problems brought on by what many are calling:

If you are someone in need (and that includes almost every one of us) the resources on this web portal are for you- from food banks and finding work to re-negotiating your debt and finding a cheaper place to live.  Over 85 categories of help are included with more being added every day.

If you are a for-profit business or non-profit that truly offers help, aid or a solution and we have not found you yet--we want you here.  We will help connect people in need with the product or services you are offering.

If you know about a resource and would like to suggest it for inclusion- please let us know and we will follow up and get it posted as fast as we can. 

Planet Green Earth is designed for sharing with everyone-

Our belief is that by reaching out to one another we can make a difference right now. 

Alex Rivera
Founder, How2SavefFuel.com

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